Artistic Work

While I split my time equally between curating shows, running a label and playing in numerous groups, my solo work resides within its own universe. Pulling equally from the worlds of harsh noise and absurdist theatre, performances build a sense of terror from simple imagery, muted text and an unpredictable barrage of silence and sound. I utilize these approaches within a critical context, building on my scholarly work to challenge oppressive formations embedded within the musical contexts I find myself in. Recent projects represent this aesthetic and thematic sensibility through a multi-media approach that includes writing, theatre, concerts, photography and film.

I have worked with a number of musical groups, from punk and metal bands like Galactic Cannibal, Mountain Language, Half Gorilla, and CREDENTIALS to collaborations with a wide range of experimental artists, including Olivia Block, Tatsuya Nakatani, Victor DeLorenzo (of The Violent Femmes), Christopher Burns and David Collins (as Bridges of Königsberg), Amanda Schoofs (as Bachelorette Party), Alex Kmet (of Climax Denial), Neil Gravander and Dan Schierl (as Phoned Nil Trio), and Jay Linski (as xALLxFORxTHISx) . I have toured across the country off and on for over a decade, performing at events such as End Tymes Festival in New York, the Northeast Noise Festival, and the Eugene Noise Fest. I have also performed alongside artists such as Negativland, The Haters, Hiroshi Hasegawa, and more. I also run FTAM, a record label and concert promotion organization that hosts a wide range of shows, including the Experimental Education Series and the Noise Knowledge Consortium. Past events include the annual Milwaukee Noise Festival for the first eight years and the St Louis Noise Fest for two. I have also helped curate Accident Fest at TriTriangle in Chicago, IL. My theatre work has been shown at the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, the Chicago Sketch and Comedy Festival, and the Sensoria series at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Recent Albums


Awful Answers (Skinwalker Recordings, 2023)

Simple Questions (Skinwalker Recordings, 2022)

A Waste of Red Meat (Flag Day Recordings, 2021)

Shorter Flagpoles (FTAM Productions, 2019)

Today is Horrible (Misanthropic Agenda, 2018)


A Comfortable Creature (Normal Rituals, Traced Objects, 2022)

11th Anniversary (Phoned Nil Trio, FTAM Productions, 2022)

Health, Beauty, & Eternal Youth (Hoghead, Self-released, 2022)

Why is my arm not a lilac tree? (Credentials, Orb Tapes, 2021)

Recent Films

Seven Images (Invocation Films, 2019)

Objects (Perfect Law Releases, 2018)

Meandering Circumflex (Self-released, 2018)

Recent Performances

But What Is It (at Surrealist Sands, 2022)

Comedy, pt. II (at Beet Stew, 2019)

To Fall Backwards… (at Northeast Noise Fest, 2018)

The Crusader (at SSM Showcase, 2016)

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