Peter J. Woods is a scholar and artist from Milwaukee, WI with a deep interest in experimental music, DIY arts communities, and communal knowledge production.

As an artist, Woods is best known for his solo work that exists at the intersection of noise music, performance art, and expanded cinema. He has toured the US extensively for over a decade and collaborated with artists including Olivia Block, Tatsuya Nakatani, Christopher Burns, Amanda Schoofs, Alex Kmet (of Climax Denial), Andrew Weathers, Jason Soliday, Joshua Backes, and more. Woods also runs the FTAM productions organization, a record label and concert promotion organization that hosted the Milwaukee Noise Fest, the Experimental Education Series, and the Noise Knowledge Consortium. He recently served as the chair of the music committee at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts.

As a Scholar, Woods studies the ways in which creative and disciplinary traditions both restrict and engender the pedagogies, curricula, and knowledges individuals encounter within performing arts communities, focusing on do-it-yourself (DIY) experimental music scenes in particular. This work places cultural studies, visual cultures, learning sciences, and arts education in conversation, challenging both scholars and practitioners to question invisible forms of oppression embedded in cultural spaces and artifacts. Recent publications have appeared in the Journal of Curriculum & Pedagogy, Music Education Research, the Journal of Cultural Research, and Punk & Post-punk. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education.

Other Places to Find Me


My music is relatively spread out around the internet, but recordings of my active projects can be found here:

Peter J Woods

Bridges of Königsberg

Phoned Nil Trio

Bachelorette Party



For information on my label and event curation work, visit the following:

FTAM Website

FTAM Bandcamp

Social Media

Feel free to follow me on twitter here.


Recently, I have been developing a number of pieces for film. You can watch them here:

Seven Images (full length film)

Objects (short film)

SWWS: Meandering Circumflex (Music Video)


Although intended for live performance, here are a few video recordings of recent performance pieces:

To Fall Backwards… (Live at 2018 North East Noise Festival)

Comedy, pt. II (Live at Beet Stew, 2019)


A few recent publications about my artistic work.

Boston Hassle

Milwaukee Record

Chicago Reader

Tiny Mix Tapes

Tabs Out